Come Home

Music from the Ensign

1. Come home, the Father calls.
Come home, my child, to me.
Come home.
The Holy Ghost will lead you to eternity.

Lest we forget our home’s with God,
This lovely earth, its seas, its sky
And all things beautiful and true
of Heav’nly Father testify.


2. Come home, the Savior calls.
Come home all who’ll obey.
Come home. The gospel guides
along the straight and narrow way.


3. Come home, loved voices call.
Come home where you belong.
Come home to live in joy
forever in our fam’ly throng.

Artist: Allen/Moody

Album: Music Published in the Church Magazines: Ensign

Composition Date: 2012-08-10

More Info: Ensign


Family, Endure, Home, repentance, Child of God, Holy Ghost