Christ Came unto His Other Sheep

Christ Came unto His Other Sheep

Music for Choirs, Submitted Music (2012-present)

Christ Came Unto His Other Sheep


A multitude was gathered ‘round the temple in the land.

They heard a voice from heaven speak and sought to understand

Not harsh or loud, but still and small—they listened to discern.

It pierced them to their very souls, and caused their hearts to burn.


The voice from heaven spoke and said, Behold, this is my Son.

They saw a man descend from heav’n who was the Holy One

The Savior of the world came down all clothed in robes of white,

And then the Lord stretched forth His hand and said, I am the Christ!


Behold, I am the light and life; come forth that ye may see—

I’ve glorified the Father’s name through all eternity

I’ve suffered for the sins of all, while in Gethsemane

I come now to my other sheep, fulfilling prophecy


The multitude went forth and thrust their hands into His side,

And felt the prints in hands and feet—He lived who once had died!

Hosannah! Blessed be His name! They cried with one accord,

And then they fell at Jesus’ feet and worshipped Christ, the Lord.

Text: Bonnie Hart Murray

Music: Janice Kapp Perry