By Two and Two (Pearson)

By Two and Two (Pearson)

Music for Choirs, Submitted Music (1998-2006)

By two and two, by faith and prayer,

A mighty host goes forth

As witnesses of Jesus Christ

To ev’ry land on earth

Our great commission from the Lord

We do not dare delay

But haste to teach and testify

To ev’ry soul today


From door to door we run to tell

The news of Christ, our King.

From house to house and town to town

His joyous word we bring

Oh, who will hear the news we bear

And who will join our cause?

Oh, come and listen to the truth.

Oh, come and learn of God


So, arm in arm, we boldly march

With faithful saints of old

With Peter, Paul, and Barnabas

Our story shall be told.

We do not doubt. We do not fear.
We preach by night and day

Upheld by angels sent from God

To keep us on our way.

Text: John V. Pearson

Music: John V. Pearson

Album: Submitted Music (1998-2006)

Composition Date: 1999

More Info: CMS 1999


Jesus Christ, Missionary Work, Service