Brother Brigham Says

Brother Brigham Says

Music from the New Era

1. Brother Brigham says that if you plan an exodus, organize and carefully prepare.
Brother Brigham says you’re sure to travel hungry if you only bring a wagon and a prayer.
Brother Brigham says: “Lend a hand to your neighbor and help one another cross the plains.”
Brother Brigham says wheat is better than gold,
Brother Brigham says so, and now you’ve been told.
Brother Brigham says: “Use your brawn but don’t forget your brain.”


2. Brother Brigham says that obstacles and difficulties never from a target should deter.
Brother Brigham says: “Obliterate the obdurate. Never let a stroke of fate occur.”
Brother Brigham says: “Try a little bit of muscle plus faith and a little energy.”
Brother Brigham says poor is better than rich.
Brother Brigham says: “Take your turn, dig a ditch.”
Brother Brigham says: “Do your best.” And brother so do we!


3. Brother Brigham says that cleanliness is holiness, just as much as charity and hope.
Brother Brigham says that water makes you pure and holy if you only don’t forget the soap.
Brother Brigham says: “Scrub the knees and the elbows; don’t forget to get behind the ears.”
Brother Brigham says minor Saints should be scrubbed.
Brother Brigham says: “Take your turn in the tub.”
Brother Brigham says no one loves a dirty pioneer.


4. Brother Brigham says that here among the mountains we can build our homes and raise our families.
Brother Brigham says that here the Saints will gather from foreign lands and far across the seas.
Brother Brigham says we will build towns and cities as far as the eye of man can see.
Brother Brigham says now the future looks great.
Brother Brigham, you know we can hardly wait.
But Brother Brigham, do you suppose someday we’ll have a tree?


Copyright © 1997 by Nonie N. Sorensen and Duane Hiatt. Based on original work by Nonie N. Sorensen

Text: Duane Hiatt

Music: Nonie Sorensen

Artist: Hiatt/Sorensen

Album: Music Published in the Church Magazines: New Era

Composition Date: 1997-07-01

More Info: New Era


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