Bright King (Smith)

Bright King (Smith)

Submitted Hymn Texts, Submitted Music (1992-1997)

Bright king, commence thy reign;

Oh bring thy promised day!

That fair, celestial morn

For which thy people pray.

Long night is spent; thy dawn draws near:

In fiery splendor, Lord, appear!


Thy loyal legions all

Illume, O radiant king

Upon whose love we call,

Whose rising fame we sing.

No brighter sun shall ever be

Than thou, our God eternally.


Of evil make an end

And darkness put to flight,

While lesser stars descend

And moons return thy light.

Great fire, whom icy kingdoms spurn,

Behold our hearts with gladness burn!


Ye valleys, cry aloud,

And mountains, clap your hands,

For he doth cleave the cloud

To warm benighted lands.

No sooner shall his chariot soar

Than trees shall weep and seas shall roar!


In music to our king

Let praises bathe the skies,

Let trump and cymbal ring

And organ breathe sweet sighs.

Let ev’ry soul and ev’ry voice,

Yes, ev’ry heart and hand rejoice.

Text:  Marcus L. Smith

Album:  Submitted Music (1992-1997)

Composition Date:  1996

More Info:  CMS 1996


Testimony, Creations, Jesus Christ