Born to Save (SSA with piano and flute)

Born to Save (SSA with piano and flute)

Instrumental Music, Music for Women, Submitted Music (2007-2011)

He has come!

God’s own Son,

Born on Earth,

Born to Save!

Come and see the holy baby!

Born to save us with his love.

Come and see him in a manger,

Born on Earth, the Son of God above.

Come! Come and see the holy child,

Come! Come and feel His love.


Praise we bring to honor our Savior,

Gifts of love to worship our King.

Born to save us in his mercy!

Glory to God! Now hear our voices ring!

Ring! Singing to our Savior, sing!

Sing praises to our King!


All like sheep have wandered, straying

From the fold, in our own way.

Lost and fallen, we seek a savior.

Surely our Lord who comes today

Is born to save us in his mercy.

Surely He is born to Save!


Share the news!

Spread the word!

Born to save!

Praise the Lord!


Glory be to God our Father,

Glory be to Christ His Son!

Joy is ours! Let love forever

Fill our hearts through Christ, the Holy One.

Rejoice in God our Savior!

Rejoice, for Christ has come!

Born to save!

He has come!

Text: Marianne Larsen and Rachel Mohlman

Music: Marianne Larsen and Rachel Mohlman

Album: Submitted Music (2007-2011)

Composition Date: 2011

More Info: CMS 2011


Promised Messiah, Praise