Behold, My Joy Is Full

Behold, My Joy Is Full

Music from the New Era

1. I love to read the written word,
The story of our risen Lord,
And how He came to other sheep
who wept and worshipped at His feet.
He humbly prayed for each one there
in words too sacred to be shared,
And by the spirit calmed their fears,
Then spoke these words thru loving tears:



“And now behold, my joy is full.”
His words, how beautiful!
Meant for those who love His ways
and live to hear Him gently say:
“Blessed are ye because of your faith.
And now behold, my joy is full.”


2. I want to live His teachings, too,
Reflect His love in all I do,
And bring with me yet other sheep
to weep and worship at His feet.
Thru righteous deeds I’ll come to know
the joy He spoke of long ago,
And feel His same sweet love today,
So then I too can humbly say:


Text: Joy Lundberg

Music: Janice Kapp Perry

Artist: Lundberg/Perry

Album: Music Published in the Church Magazines: New Era

Composition Date: 1983-10-01

More Info: New Era


joy, faith, Book of Mormon, discipleship