Be It unto Me

Music from the New Era

Be it unto me according to Thy word
Was the message Mary gave unto the Lord
So the Christmas tale began
For the benefit of man
And it changes lives wherever it is heard.


1. A boy was born that night
In a stable in the hay
And we’ll have life eternal
If we follow in His way.


2. His message brings us joy
And shows us how to love
By following His teachings
With help from God above.


3. At a time when peace is scarce
And all nations are at war
We need our Savior’s message
Even now, more than before.
Ah, more than before.

Text: Carys Irwin

Music: Carys Irwin

Artist: Irwin

Album: Music Published in the Church Magazines: New Era

Composition Date: 1992-11-01

More Info: New Era


Christmas, Jesus Christ-Savior, gospel, peace