At Conference Time

At Conference Time

Music from the Friend

1. Of all the Sundays of the year,
the ones I love the best
are conf’rence Sundays twice a year,
so diff’rent from the rest.
I gather with my family
and feel the Spirit near
as I prepare to understand
the messages I hear.


2. The scriptures are a history
of prophets gone before.
Their timeless words were written then
to teach forever more.
But what an opportunity
I have on conf’rence day
to hear a living prophet who
is showing me the way!


3. I hear the special witnesses
of Jesus Christ, our Lord.
They testify of gospel truth
and teach God’s holy word.
So now when conf’rence time is past,
the thing for me to do
is follow well what I’ve been told
and prove that it is true.



At conf’rence time,
at conf’rence time,
the Brethren tell me what to do,
So I can live in happiness
at conf’rence time
and all year through.

Text: Brad Wilcox

Music: Janice Kapp Perry

Artist: Wilcox/Perry

Album: Music Published in the Church Magazines: Friend

Composition Date: 1997-10-01

More Info: Friend


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