A Yielding Heart

Solos to Sing, Submitted Music (2012-present)

A yielding heart to Thee I long to give,

Commit my life to Thee each day I live

I need to feel Thy Spirit as my Guide,

Forsake all worldliness and pride.

I yield my heart to Thee.


I will submit and all Thy counsel heed,

Devote my life for good in word and deed

My days of service on the altar place,

Through faith be sanctified by grace.

I yield my heart to Thee.


Thy strength and pow’r I need when storms of life descend,

I plead my need for Thee

Then I remember Thine atoning deed for me

And recommit my yielding heart to Thee.

I will yield my heart to Thee

Christ is my Brother, Savior, Lord and King!

Each day I live to Him my praises sing!

One day when I behold Thy face,

You’ll know my heart and we’ll embrace

How great my joy when I will be

Home at last to dwell with thee!

I’ll yield my heart I’ll become like Thee Eternally.

Text: Diane B. Morley

Music: Diane B. Morley

Album: Submitted Music (2012-present)

Composition Date: 2012

More Info: CMS 2012