A Voice Whispers from the Earth

A Voice Whispers from the Earth

Music from the New Era

1. A voice whispers from the earth of a people fallen long ago.
Its testimony rings with pow’r and strength. To all nations shall it go.
As another witness of the Lord to come forth in our day,
The Book of Mormon is our guide on the straight and narrow way.


2. A challenge from prophets old comes today to all who search for truth.
Through humble prayer we may discover that the Book of Mormon’s true.
Through fervent faith and real intent, a promise giv’n to all,
The Holy Ghost will testify that it is the word of God.


3. Today we have heard the call from a modern prophet of the Lord
To take this book we have been given to all people of the world.
From the housetops will the shout be heard: “The Book of Mormon’s true!”
Then Christ the King will come with pow’r and the earth will be renewed.

Text: Kevin Olson

Music: Kevin Olson

Artist: Olson

Album: Music Published in the Church Magazines: New Era

Composition Date: 1991-08-01

More Info: New Era


Book of Mormon, Holy Ghost, truth, missionary work