A Temple of the Lord (Christoffersen)

A Temple of the Lord (Christoffersen)

Solos to Sing, Submitted Music (1992-1997)

In the shadow of the mountains, almost at our very door,

Now there stands a temple of the Lord.

If our hearts are truly seeking we will feel our faith increase

As we ponder in this place of pace.


We will work to be worthy to walk through the door of the house of the Lord

Where truth is revealed, where families are sealed.

The place we can claim God’s protection and shield, and where a hungry spirit can be filled.


Father, turn our hearts to others who have lived and gone before.

Bless them in the temple of the Lord.

We’ll perform our sacred duty an come forth with spirits bright—

Filled with an endowment of His light.

Text:  Lynne P. Christoffersen

Music:  Lynne P. Christoffersen

Album:  Submitted Music (1992-1997)

Composition Date:  1996

More Info:  CMS 1996


Temples, Geneology, Family History