A Pioneering Heart

A Pioneering Heart

Music for Women, Submitted Music (2007-2011)

I was not there with pioneers who bravely walked the plains,

Yet I face other challenges that daily test my faith.

My trials may be dif’frent but my will, like theirs, is strong,

Thru heartache and adversity I, too, will carry on!

I rev’rence them and follow from afar.

Lord bless me with a pioneering heart.


I was not there to suffer, with no refuge from the storm,

Yet turning from the world’s ways can leave me battle-worn.

Protecting home and family from subtle wars that rage

Requires strength of angels in this modern day and age.

I pray for strength to nobly do my part.

Lord bless me with a pioneering heart.


When pioneers came to the west, a banner was unfurled.

Now we who follow them must take the truth to all the world.

Preparing generations for the coming of the Lord

Will test our faith in dif’frent ways from those who’ve gone before.

When I must take one step into the dark,

Lord, bless me with a pioneering heart.

Through storms I’ll trust that heaven’s love, like manner from above

Will flow into my faithful heart and it will be enough.

When strength seems gone, I’ll carry on like pioneers before.

I’ll be sustained through latter days with blessings from His store.

Each day I’ll find the strength to pull my cart.

Lord, bless me with a pioneering heart.

Lord, bless me with a pioneering heart.

Text: Janice Kapp Perry

Music: Janice Kapp Perry

Album: Submitted Music (2007-2011)

Composition Date: 2011

More Info: CMS 2011


Pioneers, Sacrifice, Duty