A Love Unfeigned

Music from the New Era

1. And didst thou travel light, dear Lord, was thine so smooth a road,
that thou upon thy shoulders broad could hoist our heavy load?
Too frail each other’s woes to bear without thy help are we;
can we each other’s burdens share, if we not burden thee?

2. O wonder of the world withstood! That night of prayer and doom
was not the sunset red as blood, the dawn pale as a tomb?
In agony and bloody sweat, in tears of love unfeigned,
O undespairing Lord, and yet, with man identified.

3. As in dark drops the pitting rain falls on a dusty street,
so tears shall fall and fall again to wash thy wounded feet.
But thy quick hands to heal are strong. O love thy children we,
who sing with joy the Pilgrim’s song and walk dear Lord with thee.

Text: Geoffery Dearmer

Music: Dan Carter

Artist: Dearmer/Carter

Album: Music Published in the Church Magazines: New Era

Composition Date: 1979-08-01

More Info: New Era


Atonement, Love, forgiveness, repentance