A Family Is Forever

A Family Is Forever

Young Women Selected Songs: A Song of the Heart

1. A fam’ly is forever,

 Eternally together,

We’re never far apart ‘though miles between,

Our fam’ly’s dream is that one day

If we do what we should do,  

We will be one,

And I’ll be me, And you will still be you.


A family is forever,

Eternally together,

And ’though the years may take me far from home,

I will always have a family of my own.


2. A family is forever,

 Eternally together,

Whenever we are sick or feeling sad,

Our dad is there to bless us,

And our mother has a smile,

And we know inside

With lots of pride,

Our fam’ly  makes it all worthwhile.


Text: Gwen Cundick

Music: Gwen Cundick


family, eternal life, strength, unity