Lord, We Ask Thee Ere We Part


Lord, We Ask Thee Ere We Part

31243, Hymns, Lord, We Ask Thee Ere We Part, 153

Lord, we ask thee ere we part,
Bless the teachings of this day.
Plant them deep in ev’ry heart,
That with us they’ll ever stay.

In the innocence of youth,
We would all thy laws fulfill.
Lead us in the way of truth.
Give us strength to do thy will.

Father, merciful and kind,
While we labor for the right,
May we in thy service find
Sweetest pleasure, pure delight.

All our follies, Lord, forgive.
Keep us from temptations free.
Help us evermore to live
Lives of holiness to thee.

Text: George Manwaring, 1854–1889

Music: Benjamin Milgrove, 1731–1810; arr. by Ebenezer Beesley, 1840–1906

Psalm 119:33–35