Go, Ye Messengers of Heaven (Men's Choir)

Go, Ye Messengers of Heaven

31243, Hymns, Go, Ye Messengers of Heaven, no. 327

1. Go, ye messengers of heaven,
Chosen by divine command;
Go and publish free salvation
To a dark, benighted land.

2. Go to island, vale, and mountain;
There fulfill the great command;
Gather out the sons of Jacob
To possess the promised land.

3. When your thousands all are gathered,
And their prayers for you ascend,
And the Lord has crowned with blessings
All the labors of your hand,

4. Then the song of joy and transport
Will from ev'ry land resound;
Then the nations long in darkness
By the Savior will be crowned.

Text: John Taylor, 1808-1887

Music: F. Christensen; arr. © 1985 IRI

1 Nephi 22:11-12

D&C 6:1-6