35395, Children's Songbook, Home and Family, Fathers, 209

1. The father of our home leads our family
With wisdom's light in all that's right;
My father's good to me.

Fathers are so special with a very special love.
They watch us and protect us.
They guide us and direct us
Back to our home above.

2. The father of our ward tends with loving care
Each member's needs with kindly deeds;
Our bishop's always there.

3. And now we'll sing great praise and rev'rently recall
The Holy One who gave his Son,
The Father of us all.

Words: Dawn Hughes Ballantyne, 1932–1995, and Joyce Mills Jensen, 1936–2002.

© 1975 IRI

Music: Joyce Mills Jensen, 1936–2002.

© 1975 IRI

Proverbs 4:1