Church Music Submission Guidelines

The annual Church Music Submission is established to encourage the development of musical talent and to bring new musical works to light.




  • Submitters must be members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
  • All submissions should reflect gospel ideals and be suitable for home or Church use.
  • Submissions are accepted online; they must be received by April 10 to be included in the current year’s review.
  • Members must submit their own original work.
  • Members may submit one work per category (up to three categories per year).
  • Members under 18 may submit with parent/guardian permission.
  • Submissions will be reviewed for artistic merit, usefulness for home or Church, general appeal, ease of performance, originality, quality of text (if applicable), and compatibility of music to text (if applicable).
  • If a category does not receive enough submissions, it may be combined with another category for judging and awards.
  • Awards of Distinction ($200), Awards of Merit ($100), and special recognitions may be given in each category. A grand prize ($300) may also be awarded. Award money for a single submission will be divided equally among collaborators (if applicable).
  • Submitters who are granted awards in turn grant the Church a nonexclusive, perpetual license for unlimited use. Submitters always retain the copyright for their work.
  • Awarded submissions may be used on the Church music website, in Church magazines, or for other purposes. Submissions are subject to editorial changes.

Submission categories and descriptions are listed below.


  • Hymns
    • Usually written in four-part homophonic style
    • All verses are sung to the same music
  • Children’s Songs
    • Simple music
    • Fits the vocal range of a child
    • Childlike language
    • Suggested themes:
      • Priesthood (purpose and blessings for girls and boys)
      • Family History (promised blessings)
      • Godhead
      • Family
      • Atonement of Jesus Christ
      • Restoration
      • Covenants/Covenant Path
      • Marriage/Proclamation of the Family
      • Father/Fatherhood (Earthly)
  • Arrangements for Mixed Chorus
    • New arrangements of an existing melody (hymn or other)
    • Each verse may have a different accompaniment
    • Written for men’s and women’s voices (SATB, SAB, etc.)
  • Arrangements for Men’s Chorus or Women’s Chorus
    • New arrangements of an existing melody (hymn or other)
    • Each verse may have a different accompaniment
    • Written for men’s or women’s voices (TB, TTBB, SA, SSA, etc.)
  • Anthems
    • Original music for mixed chorus, men’s chorus, or women’s chorus
    • May include new musical settings of existing texts
    • Each verse may have a different accompaniment
  • Solos, Duets, and Small Groups
    • Original songs or arrangements of an existing melody
    • Any vocal parts may be included
  • Youth Music
    • Church-themed music in a contemporary style
    • Original songs or arrangements of an existing melody
    • Example: songs similar to music from EFY or the Mutual Theme album
  • Instrumental
    • Original songs or arrangements of an existing melody
    • Any combination of instruments may be used
  • International
    • Non-English text or
    • Music written in an international style
    • Original songs or arrangements of an existing melody
  • Hymn Texts
    • Patterned after traditional hymn writing
    • Regular meters, rhyme schemes, and other standard poetic devices

Submission Instructions


  • Before entering the submission, members must create a profile in the online submission tool using their LDS account. Once created, this profile may be used for all future submissions.
  • Once a profile is created, a list of open Church competitions (art, music, etc.) will appear in the submission tool. Each music submission category will appear as a separate competition.
  • Members may submit one work per category (up to three categories per year) by clicking “Submit” in the chosen categories.
  • Two copies of each submission will be required: one with the submitter’s name and copyright information included, and another with the submitter’s name omitted. (See upload information in the submission tool for details).
  • While digital submission uploads are preferred, members may mail two hard copies of their submission to Church music staff if necessary. However, the profile creation and submission questions must be completed online for the submission to be considered. Submissions may be mailed to:

Church Music Submission
23rd Floor
50 East North Temple
Salt Lake City, UT 84150-0023

  • All submissions must be entered by April 10 to be considered for the current year. Previously submitted works may be edited online through April 10.

Frequently Asked Questions


  • Does the recently announced call for new hymns and songs for the hymnbook and songbook revision affect the annual music submission? The hymnbook and Children’s Songbook submissions will replace the hymns, children’s songs, and hymn texts categories for the 2019 and 2020 annual music submissions. For more information on the hymnbook and Children’s songbook submissions, see
  • Is there a limit to the number of works I can submit? Yes. You may enter up to five works per category for the new hymnbook and Children’s Songbook submissions. In addition to these submissions, you may submit one work per category (up to three categories per year) in the annual music submission.
  • Can I submit the same work in more than one category? No. Please submit each work to one category only.
  • Can I submit the same work in different years? If your composition has been significantly reworked, placing it in a different category (e.g. a solo that has been rearranged for a choir), you may submit the new version. Please do not re-submit the exact same work in different years.
  • In which category should my submission be considered? If you have reviewed the category descriptions and still have questions, email
  • What is the difference between a small group and a chorus? Many submissions may fit into either category. You may choose to submit to the category of your choice.
  • Can I collaborate with one or more other people on a submission? Yes. For collaborations, only one submitter should submit the work. When submitting, you will be asked to provide the name, phone number, email address, and LDS account username (if available) for each collaborator. If an award is given for the work, the award prize will be split equally among collaborators.
  • Is any style of music appropriate for the Youth Music category? The rhythm, style, and character of youth music should be consistent with the nature of the lyrics, whether sacred or secular.
  • Does my submission need to include accompaniment? Yes, except for a cappella choral arrangements. Piano and organ accompaniments are preferable for most categories, but other instruments are acceptable, especially for the Youth Music and International categories.
  • Can I submit recordings of my music in addition to sheet music? Sheet music is required for all submissions. Recordings will be accepted for youth music, international music, and orchestral submissions, but are not required. You may email your recordings to
  • Who will review my music? Submissions will be reviewed anonymously by several expert judges.
  • When and how will I find out if I received an award? All submission participants will be emailed in July with submission results.
  • What happens to the submitted music? Award-winning music will be published on the Church music website. All submissions will be retained electronically for reference purposes only and will be accessible only to submitters and select Church music staff.
  • Will the church own my music? Can I retain my copyright? If you are granted an award, you in turn grant the Church a nonexclusive, perpetual license for unlimited use. You always retain the copyright for your work.
  • Will my music be performed? Award-winning music will be presented in spring and fall Church Music Festival performances at Temple Square in February and October.
  • Can I view my old submissions? All works you submit in the online submission tool will be accessible to you in the future.
  • Why am I seeing information about art competitions in the submission tool? The submission tool is used for other Church competitions in addition to the music submission. You can submit to both types of competitions with your profile.
  • Who should I contact if I am having problems with the submission tool? For technical support, please email