Frequently Asked Questions

The new hymnbook and children’s songbook will be designed to unify the music in all languages and meet the needs of a global Church. Selections will include core hymns and songs that teach the doctrines of the gospel. New and existing hymns and songs from around the world will be evaluated and considered for inclusion. Additional local hymns and songs will be available in supplemental digital collections.

Why are the books being revised?

The Hymns and Children’s Songbook are being revised to unify the music used for worship by members around the world. The collections will include existing, new, and updated music to meet the needs of members worldwide. The printed collections will be unified across the worldwide Church, providing the same selection of hymns and children’s songs in each language. Additional hymns and songs applicable to specific languages and areas will also be made available to members through digital channels.

Who oversees the revisions?

The revision effort is led by committees working under the direction of General Authorities and General Auxiliary Leaders. The committees are composed of Church employees and called members with expertise in a variety of areas, including music, education, literature, world cultures, and Church doctrine.

When will the new books be available?

Development of the prototypes for both books is expected to take several years as the committees coordinate together, considering both new and existing hymns and songs for inclusion. Translation of the books will begin after that work is complete.

What will happen to the current hymnbook and Children’s Songbook ?

The current books will continue to be used until the new collections are released in print and digital channels. These current collections will be available as legacy items through digital channels once the new books are distributed.

Will audio recordings of the hymns and children’s songs be updated?

Yes. A new set of instrumental and vocal recordings will be created in multiple languages for the revised collections.

Can I make suggestions regarding the new hymnbook or children’s songbook?

Yes. You can make suggestions for the new collection by taking the feedback survey.

Can I submit the title of an existing hymn or song that is well loved in my language to be considered for inclusion?

Yes. You can suggest including existing hymns and songs through the feedback survey. Only original hymns and songs should be submitted through the submission tool. Learn more.

Will my national anthem be in the hymnbook?

Because the new core collections will be the same in every language, national anthems will not be included in the printed hymnbooks. However, sacred music of local interest may be made available to members by language through digital channels as appropriate and doctrinally correct.

How do I submit one of my original hymns or children’s songs for consideration?

Learn more on the How to Submit page.

Can I submit lyrics only, or music only for consideration? If so, how will the accompanying music or lyrics be selected?

Yes. Submitters may submit a hymn or song text without music, or music without text. Multiple text settings and tunes will be paired for consideration.

Can I submit a hymn or song in the musical style of my culture, even if it doesn’t match the musical style that has typically been included in the hymnbook or Children’s Songbook in the past?

Yes. We encourage submission of hymns and songs from multiple cultural styles.

When are submissions due?

To be considered for the revised collections, new submissions must be received by July 1, 2019.

Who will review my submitted music?

Submissions will be reviewed anonymously and considered for inclusion by the hymnbook and children’s songbook committees.

Can anyone submit new music for consideration?

Yes. Submitters under the age of 18 will be required to provide parental or guardian permission.

If my submission is selected for inclusion, do I forfeit my copyright?

No. You will retain the copyright for your work. However, those whose submissions are selected will be asked to grant the Church a nonexclusive, perpetual license for unlimited use.