While of These Emblems We Partake

The sheet music for this selection cannot be included due to copyright restrictions or availability.


  1. 1. While of these emblems we partake
    In Jesus’ name and for his sake,
    Let us remember and be sure
    Our hearts and hands are clean and pure.
  2. 2. For us the blood of Christ was shed;
    For us on Calvary’s cross he bled,
    And thus dispelled the awful gloom
    That else were this creation’s doom.
  3. 3. The law was broken; Jesus died
    That justice might be satisfied,
    That man might not remain a slave
    Of death, of hell, or of the grave,
  4. 4. But rise triumphant from the tomb,
    And in eternal splendor bloom,
    Freed from the pow’r of death and pain,
    With Christ, the Lord, to rule and reign.
  5. Text: John Nicholson, 1839–1909
    Music: Samuel McBurney, b. 1847
    Tune name: SAUL