We Meet Again in Sabbath School



  1. 1. We meet again in Sabbath School

    On this the Lord’s own day,

    Where joyful gladness is the rule,

    And love doth bear its sway;

    Where all may join in songs of praise

    To him who reigns above,

    And thankful hearts and voices raise

    For his redeeming love.

  2. 2. We meet again, yes, gladly meet,

    To learn the will of God,

    For wisdom seeking, that our feet

    May walk the narrow road.

    O Father, let thy Spirit dwell

    In ev’ry willing heart,

    That we may love and serve thee well

    And ne’er from thee depart.

  3. 3. Oh, happy day on which we meet

    With friends and teachers dear,

    And in this ever sweet retreat

    Their blessed teachings hear;

    With precious truths our minds are stored,

    The gospel plan made plain.

    Each Sabbath day, with one accord,

    Oh, let us meet again.

Text: George Manwaring, 1854–1889

Music: Ebenezer Beesley, 1840–1906