We Meet Again as Sisters (Women)

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  1. 1. We meet again as sisters
    On this the Sabbath day
    To worship God together,
    To testify and pray.
    Now may the Holy Spirit,
    Descending like a dove,
    Enlarge our minds with knowledge
    And fill our hearts with love.
  2. 2. We meet to plan our service
    To neighbors now in need.
    May charity and kindness
    Inspire our ev'ry deed.
    And as we use our talents
    For good and noble ends,
    May God be our companion
    And angels be our friends.
  3. 3. We meet to sing together
    The praises of our Lord,
    To seek our exaltation
    According to his word.
    To ev'ry gospel blessing
    The Lord has turned the key,
    That we, with heav'nly parents,
    May sing eternally.
  4. Text: Paul L. Anderson, b. 1946. (c) 1985 IRI
    Music: Bonnie Lauper Goodliffe, b. 1943. (c) 1985 IRI