We Have Partaken of Thy Love

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  1. 1. We have partaken of thy love,
    O Lord, this sacred hour;
    We have renewed our covenants
    And felt thy cleansing pow’r,
    And felt thy cleansing pow’r.
  2. 2. Let us go forth refreshed, resolved
    To serve our fellowmen,
    Forgive our neighbors, live thy word,
    Until we come again,
    Until we come again.
  3. 3. Raising to thee in song and word
    Our praise, most holy One,
    We ask thy benediction, Lord,
    Thru thy Beloved Son,
    Thru thy Beloved Son.
  4. Text: Mabel Jones Gabbott, 1910–2004. © 1985 IRI
    Music: Robert P. Manookin, 1918–1997. © 1985 IRI