We Are Marching On to Glory

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  1. 1. We are marching on to glory;
    We are working for our crown.
    We will make our armor brighter
    And never lay it down.
  2. (Chorus)
    We are marching, marching homeward
    To that bright land afar.
    We work for life eternal;
    It is our guiding star.
  3. 2. Then day by day we are marching;
    To heaven we are bound.
    Each good act brings us nearer
    That home where we'll be crowned.
  4. 3. Then, with the ransomed children
    That throng the starry throne,
    We will praise our Lord and Savior,
    His pow'r and mercy own.
  5. Text and music: John M. Chamberlain, 1844-1928