Thy Spirit, Lord, Has Stirred Our Souls

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  1. 1. Thy Spirit, Lord, has stirred our souls,
    And by its inward shining glow
    We see anew our sacred goals
    And feel thy nearness here below.
    No burning bush near Sinai
    Could show thy presence, Lord, more nigh.
  2. 2. "Did not our hearts within us burn?"
    We know the Spirit's fire is here.
    It makes our souls for service yearn;
    It makes the path of duty clear.
    Lord, may it prompt us, day by day,
    In all we do, in all we say.
  3. Text: Frank I. Kooyman, 1880-1963. (c) 1948 IRI
    Music: Alexander Schreiner, 1901-1987. (c) 1948 IRI