Sweet Is the Peace the Gospel Brings

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  1. 1. Sweet is the peace the gospel brings
    To seeking minds and true.
    With light refulgent on its wings,
    It clears the human view.
  2. 2. Its laws and precepts are divine
    And show a Father’s care.
    Transcendent love and mercy shine
    In each injunction there.
  3. 3. Faithless tradition flees its pow’r,
    And unbelief gives way.
    The gloomy clouds, which used to low’r,
    Submit to reason’s sway.
  4. 4. May we who know the sacred Name
    From every sin depart.
    Then will the Spirit’s constant flame
    Preserve us pure in heart.
  5. 5. Ere long the tempter’s power will cease,
    And sin no more annoy,
    No wrangling sects disturb our peace,
    Or mar our heartfelt joy.
  6. 6. That which we have in part received
    Will be in part no more,
    For he in whom we all believe
    To us will all restore.
  7. 7. In patience, then, let us possess
    Our souls till he appear.
    On to our mark of calling press;
    Redemption draweth near.
  8. Text: Mary Ann Morton, 1826–1897
    Music: Alfred M. Durham, 1872–1957. © 1948 IRI