See, the Mighty Angel Flying (Men's Choir)

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  1. 1. See, the mighty angel flying;
    See, he speeds his way to earth
    To proclaim the blessed gospel
    And restore the ancient faith,
    And restore, and restore the ancient faith.
  2. 2. Hear, O men, the proclamation;
    Cease from vanity and strife.
    Hasten to receive the gospel
    And obey the words of life,
    And obey, and obey the words of life.
  3. 3. Soon the earth will hear the warning;
    Then the judgments will descend!
    Oh, before the days of sorrow,
    Make the Lord of Hosts your friend!
    Make the Lord, make the Lord of Hosts your friend!
  4. 4. Then when dangers are around you
    And the wicked are distressed,
    You, with all the Saints of Zion,
    Shall enjoy eternal rest,
    Shall enjoy, shall enjoy eternal rest.
  5. Text: Robert B. Thompson, 1811-1841
    Music: Evan Stephens, 1854-1930