O Love That Glorifies the Son

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  1. 1. O love that glorifies the Son,
    O love that says, "Thy will be done!"
    Pure love whose spirit makes us one--
  2. (Chorus)
    Come, fill my soul today;
    Come, fill my soul today.
  3. 2. O love that binds our family,
    O love that brings my heart to thee,
    Pure love that lasts eternally--
  4. 3. O love that overcomes defeat,
    O love that turns the bitter sweet,
    Pure love that makes our lives complete--
  5. 4. O Lord, give me the will to mend;
    O Lord, change me from foe to friend;
    Dear Lord, sustain me to the end--
  6. Text and music: Lorin F. Wheelwright, 1909-1987 (c) 1969, 1985 Lorin F. Wheelwright.