O Lord of Hosts



  1. 1. O Lord of Hosts, we now invoke

    Thy Spirit most divine

    To cleanse our hearts while we partake

    The broken bread and wine.

  2. 2. May we forever think of thee

    And of thy suff’rings sore,

    Endured for us on Calvary,

    And praise thee evermore.

  3. 3. Prepare our minds that we may see

    The beauties of thy grace,

    Salvation purchased on that tree

    For all who seek thy face.

  4. 4. As brethren, let us ever live

    In fellowship and peace!

    Forgive, that God may us forgive,

    That love may still increase.

  5. 5. May union, peace, and love abound,

    And perfect harmony,

    And joy in one continual round

    Through all eternity.

Text: Andrew Dalrymple, b. 1817

Music: George Careless, 1839–1932