Men Are That They Might Have Joy

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  1. 1. A voice hath spoken from the dust,
    Its message pure, without alloy,
    Of treasured hope and sacred trust:
    Oh, “men are that they might have joy.”
  2. 2. Should sorrow come, we’ll not despair,
    For He would not that men should pine.
    The grief that comes we’ll learn to bear
    Until again the sun doth shine.
  3. 3. Before the Lord, then, humbly go.
    His message will our spirits buoy.
    On us his blessings he’ll bestow,
    For “men are that they might have joy.”
  4. Text: J. Marinus Jensen, 1868–1945. © 1948 IRI
    Music: J. J. Keeler, 1913–1996. © 1948 IRI