Lord, We Come before Thee Now

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  1. 1. Lord, we come before thee now;
    At thy feet we humbly bow.
    Do not thou our suit disdain;
    Shall we seek thee, Lord, in vain?
  2. 2. In thine own appointed way,
    Now we seek thee; here we stay.
    Lord, from hence we would not go,
    Till a blessing thou bestow.
  3. 3. Send some message from thy word
    That may joy and peace afford.
    Comfort those who weep and mourn;
    Let the time of love return.
  4. 4. Grant we all may seek and find
    Thee, our gracious God, and kind.
    Heal the sick; the captive free.
    Let us all rejoice in thee.
  5. Text: William Hammond, 1719–1783
    Music: Harry A. Dean, 1892–1987. © 1948 IRI