In Remembrance of Thy Suffering



  1. 1. In remembrance of thy suff’ring,

    Lord, these emblems we partake,

    When thyself thou gav’st an off’ring,

    Dying for the sinner’s sake.

    We’ve forgiven as thou biddest

    All who’ve trespassed against us.

    Lord, forgive, as we’ve forgiven,

    All thou seest amiss in us.

  2. 2. Purify our hearts, our Savior;

    Let us go not far astray,

    That we may be counted worthy

    Of thy Spirit day by day.

    When temptations are before us,

    Give us strength to overcome.

    Always guard us in our wand’rings

    Till we leave our earthly home.

  3. 3. When thou comest in thy glory

    To this earth to rule and reign,

    And with faithful ones partakest

    Of the bread and wine again,

    May we be among the number

    Worthy to surround the board,

    And partake anew the emblems

    Of the suff’rings of our Lord.

Text and music: Evan Stephens, 1854–1930