How Long, O Lord Most Holy and True

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  1. 1. How long, O Lord most holy and true,
    Shall shadowed hope our joy delay?
    Our hearts confess, our souls believe
    Thy truth, thy truth, thy light, thy will, thy way!
  2. 2. Thy truth has made our prison bright;
    Thy light has dimmed the dying past.
    We bend beneath thy loving will
    And seek thy onward, onward path at last.
  3. 3. Eternal Father, gentle Judge!
    Speed on the day, redemption’s hour.
    Set up thy kingdom; from thy house
    Unlock for us, for us the prison tow’r.
  4. 4. From grim confusion’s awful depth
    The wail of hosts, faith’s urgent plea:
    Release our anguished, weary souls;
    Swing wide, swing wide the gates, and set us free!
  5. Text: John A. Widtsoe, 1872–1952
    Music: B. Cecil Gates, 1887–1941