God Moves in a Mysterious Way



  1. 1. God moves in a mysterious way

    His wonders to perform;

    He plants his footsteps in the sea

    And rides upon the storm.

  2. 2. Ye fearful Saints, fresh courage take;

    The clouds ye so much dread

    Are big with mercy and shall break

    In blessings on your head.

  3. 3. His purposes will ripen fast,

    Unfolding ev’ry hour;

    The bud may have a bitter taste,

    But sweet will be the flower.

  4. 4. Blind unbelief is sure to err

    And scan his works in vain;

    God is his own interpreter,

    And he will make it plain.

Text: William Cowper, 1731–1800

Music: William B. Bradbury, 1816–1868