God Is in His Holy Temple

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  1. 1. God is in his holy temple.
    Earthly thoughts, be silent now,
    While with rev’rence we assemble
    And before his presence bow.
    He is with us, now and ever,
    When we call upon his name,
    Aiding ev’ry good endeavor,
    Guiding ev’ry upward aim.
  2. 2. God is in his holy temple,
    In the pure and holy mind,
    In the rev’rent heart and simple,
    In the soul from sin refined.
    Banish then each base emotion.
    Lift us up, O Lord, to thee;
    Let our souls, in pure devotion,
    Temples for thy worship be.
  3. Text: Anon., Hymns of the Spirit, 1864
    Music: Frank W. Asper, 1892–1973