Go Forth with Faith

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  1. 1. Go forth with faith to tell the world
    Of Jesus Christ, the Lord.
    Bear witness he is God's own Son;
    Proclaim his wondrous word.
    Go forth with hope and courage strong
    To spread the word abroad
    That people of all nations
    Are children of our God.
  2. 2. Go forth with love to tell the world
    The joy of families--
    That we may be with those we love
    Thru all eternity.
    Go forth to serve and do your best
    With no thought of reward;
    Then you shall know the boundless joy
    Of serving Christ, the Lord.
  3. 3. Go forth with pow'r to tell the world
    The gospel is restored,
    That all may gain eternal life
    Thru Jesus Christ, the Lord.
    Go forth to preach his glorious truths
    Of peace, of joy, and love,
    That all who heed his holy word
    May praise the Lord above.
  4. Text: Ruth M. Gardner, 1927-1999. (c) 1985 IRI
    Music: Lyall J. Gardner, b. 1926. (c) 1985 IRI