Before Thee, Lord, I Bow My Head

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  1. 1. Before thee, Lord, I bow my head
    And thank thee for what has been said.
    My soul vibrates; my poor heart sings
    When thy sweet Spirit strikes the strings.
    How sweet thy word I’ve heard this day!
    Be thou my guide, O Lord, I pray.
    May I in patience do my part.
    Seal thou the word upon my heart.
  2. 2. Do thou, O Lord, anoint mine eyes
    That I may see and win the prize.
    My heart is full; mine eyes are wet.
    Oh, help me, Lord, lest I forget.
    So may my soul be filled with light
    That I may see and win the fight,
    And then at last exalted be,
    In peace and rest, O Lord, with thee.
  3. 3. Look up, my soul; be not cast down.
    Keep not thine eyes upon the ground.
    Break off the shackles of the earth.
    Receive, my soul, the spirit’s birth.
    And now as I go forth again
    To mingle with my fellowmen,
    Stay thou nearby, my steps to guide,
    That I may in thy love abide.
  4. Text and music: Joseph H. Dean, 1855–1947