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  1. 1. This earth was once a garden place,
    With all her glories common,
    And men did live a holy race,
    And worship Jesus face to face,
    In Adam-ondi-Ahman.
  2. 2. We read that Enoch walked with God,
    Above the pow'r of mammon,
    While Zion spread herself abroad,
    And Saints and angels sang aloud,
    In Adam-ondi-Ahman.
  3. 3. Her land was good and greatly blest,
    Beyond all Israel's Canaan;
    Her fame was known from east to west,
    Her peace was great, and pure the rest
    Of Adam-ondi-Ahman.
  4. 4. Hosanna to such days to come,
    The Savior's second coming,
    When all the earth in glorious bloom
    Affords the Saints a holy home,
    Like Adam-ondi-Ahman.
  5. Text: William W. Phelps, 1792-1872. Included in the first LDS hymnbook, 1835.
    Music: Anon., Southern Harmony, 1835