Pioneer Children Were Quick to Obey

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  1. 1. Pioneer children were quick to obey,
    Walking along by the wagons all day,
    Then in the firelight, kneeling to pray,
    Little pioneer children.
  2. 2. Carrying water and gathering wood,
    Building a campfire and cooking the food,
    Learning and helping the best that they could,
    Little pioneer children.
  3. 3. Children today can be pioneers too,
    Willing and cheerful in all that we do,
    Walking our pathway with heaven in view,
    Little pioneer children.
  4. Words: Viginia Maughan Kammeyer, 1925-1999.
    Music: Lynn Shurtleff, b. 1939
    (c) 1985 by Viginia Maughan Kammeyer and Lynn Shurtleff.