Here We Are Together

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  1. Here we are together, * together, together;
    Oh, here we are together in our family. **
    There's (name) and (name) and (name) and (name);
    Oh, here we are together this bright, sunny day. **
  2. Words: Traditional.
    Music: Old tune
  3. *Alternate phrases: Here we go a-walking; Here we are a-singing;
    Here we go a-marching; Here we are a-clapping.
  4. Improvise actions as suggested by the words.
  5. **Alternate phrases:in our Primary; on (name) birthday; on this rainy day;
    in our nursery; this bright Easter Day; this cold, wintry day;
    this fine Sabbath day; on this Mother's Day.
  6. The lists above give only a few of the possibilities. Consider other phrases that might fit the music and the occasion.