God’s Love

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  1. 1. We do not see the wind;
    We only hear it sigh.
    It makes the grasses bend
    Whenever it goes by.
  2. 2. We do not see God’s love,
    But in our hearts we know
    He watches over us
    Wherever we may go.
  3. 3. We do not have to see
    To know the wind is here;
    We do not have to see
    To know God’s love is near.
  4. Words: Elizabeth Cushing Taylor
    Music: Grace Wilbur Conant, 1858–1948
    Music © 1930 by Presbyterian Board of Christian Education; renewed 1958; from Primary Music and Worship. Used by permission of Westminister/John Knox Press. MAKING COPIES OF THIS MATERIAL IS PROHIBITED.