An Angel Came to Joseph Smith



  1. 1. An angel came to Joseph Smith,

    And from the ground he took

    A sacred record hidden there,

    A precious, holy book.

  2. 2. It tells of people long ago,

    Led by the Lord’s own hand,

    Who left their homes and crossed the sea

    To reach a favored land.

  3. 3. The Nephites and the Lamanites,

    And all who came to dwell,

    Had peace when they obeyed the Lord,

    The sacred records tell.

  4. 4. And now I’ll read the sacred book,

    And then I’ll understand

    That Heav’nly Father loves us all

    In each and ev’ry land.

Words: Anna Johnson, 1892–1979. © 1969 IRI

Music: A. Laurence Lyon, 1934–2006. © 1969 IRI