Building Meaningful Relationships

    Learn how to build meaningful relationships with those you minister to.

    See “Building Meaningful Relationships,” Ensign or Liahona, Aug. 2018, 6–9.

    “You can’t serve well those you don’t know well.”—President Ezra Taft Benson1

    The invitation to minister to others is an opportunity to build meaningful relationships—the kind of relationships in which they can feel comfortable asking for and receiving our help.

    President Henry B. Eyring described the lasting impact our efforts can have on another person: “I can still remember, as if it were today, friends who touched my life for good long ago. They are gone, but the memory of their love, example, faith, and testimony still lifts me.”2

    Jesus referred to His Apostles as His friends (see John 15:15). He loved them, knew them personally, and cared about their welfare. By following His example, we can build meaningful relationships that enrich our own lives and the lives of those we serve.


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