Some of my most cherished memories of learning the gospel are of sitting by the side of my mother, listening to her telling the stories of Jesus and bear her testimony of Him. My wife and I have tried to do the same with our children and now grandchildren.

I also cherish those precious moments I have in personal scripture study, when it is just me and the word of God. How wonderful it is to receive personal inspiration

to guide us in our daily lives.

The most important gospel learning and teaching happens in the home or in our personal study, in conversations with loved ones, and in simply living the things we know are true. This is where deep, ongoing conversion happens--not just in a classroom once a week, but in the everyday living and learning of the gospel. Now more than ever, we need a deliberate effort to feast on the words of Christ throughout the week, personally and with our families. To support you in this, the Church has prepared a new resource titled Come, Follow Me--For Individuals and Families. We know that every individual and family situation is different; we want you to use this Come, Follow Me resource in whatever way is best for you and your family--at home, in your personal study, and in family discussions. The purpose of Come, Follow Me--For Individuals and Families is to deepen our conversion to Jesus Christ. The individual's heart, the home, and the family are at the center of that conversion. I can promise that you and your family will experience greater light and unity as you study the gospel together in your home and at church.

Introduction to Come, Follow Me for Individuals and Families

Introduction to Come, Follow Me for Individuals and Families by Elder Ronald A. Rasband.

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