It is really easy to overlook some of the really destitute people in the community, because we just think, "Hey, everything is great." Well, when you get down in the trenches, you find out that's not the case. This is our Idaho Falls Community Humanitarian Center. We make items for those organizations that help the poor and the needy. Plus, we provide an area where people can come and feel that they are still needed and have things they can contribute to the community. It came from a little group of about 10 people. And then as time went by, we were asked if we would be interested in doing this more on a community basis. At each juncture, the person that was needed for the next job or the next assignment, to make it grow, appeared. It's just been a series of tender mercies from our Heavenly Father, of people showing up at the right time to do what needed to be done for the next step. Our main items that we make are quilts. It's cold out there, and people need quilts. Here they get something brand-new, clean, ready to use, beautiful, and it's all handmade, completely. I serve as the vice-chair for the humanitarian center. And the center is a community base program where we all can get involved, and so this is just a great community involvement for everyone. It's a very good feeling to know that this is taking place in our community. It's our neighbors who are needing help. And quite frankly, it's been very surprising to find out how much need there is. I listened to a man in church one day, and he says, "We have a lot of things going on down at the humanitarian center, but we don't have anybody to make little cars." Bingo! A light turned on, and from that day, I started making little cars. A year ago, I dislocated this shoulder and broke it. I wanted to keep my production up, and so I asked this good man--this is Jerry--to come over. And he'd polish them, and I'd fill the bags. I've just seen so many lives blessed on this end and then the countless, countless lives that are blessed on the other end. These are the bereavement outfits for the little ones that pass away. It's very touching. It's a sad thing to lose a baby, but at least you have something gorgeous to bury them in. Some of these people have no opportunity to serve. You know, they're older. They've got their families raised, and "What do I do now?" And this lets them know they are still loved, they're cared for, and we need them.

We have people from all types of denominations, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts coming in to do volunteer work. This is a great place to talk to people from all walks of life, and so I feel wonderful that this organization exists. To be able to be part of helping some of these people, just to let them know that people do care about them no matter what they've been through. Hello, I'm just bringing stuff here from the humanitarian center. You are so wonderful. Come. Anything can happen to any of us, and we could be in the same position as these people. And just to be able to help them and to help the people that come, it's just so rewarding. The miracles that we've seen in people's lives on both ends have just been overwhelming. We just all look forward to coming every week, every one of us.

Idaho Falls Community Sees Miracles as They Serve

At the Idaho Falls Humanitarian Center, people like you dedicate their time and talents to helping others each week. While making quilts, toys, and crochet bereavement outfits for babies, the volunteers themselves feel loved and lifted.

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