Unity Topic Collection Cover


    A Friend to All
    Elder Ulisses Soares talks of the need for kindness and acceptance.
    A Spirit of Unity
    Young Women Class Presidency Meetings Part 1: A Laurel Class Presidency works together to achieve unity as they serve their fellow Young Women.
    Apart, but Still One
    Elder Koch teaches about the importance of being united with our Church leaders and fellow members.
    Be One - A Celebration of the Revelation on the Priesthood
    The First Presidency presents the 40th anniversary celebration of the 1978 revelation on the priesthood, “Be One.”
    Being One with God and Christ
    (John 17:11, 20–23) By submitting to the Father, Jesus Christ achieved perfect unity. An excerpt from “That They May Be One in Us,” Ensign, Nov. 2002.
    Closing Remarks
    President Russell M. Nelson
    Different, Yet the Same
    A thought from Rosemary M. Wixom, Primary general president, about the unity of women throughout the world.
    Family History Strengthens Family Unity
    Families in the Guaymuras Stake in Tegucigalpa, Honduras have grown closer as they have participated together in family history and temple work.
    Love in Our Hearts
    Sister Christina B. Franco discusses the importance of inclusion and respect.
    Opening Remarks
    President Dallin H. Oaks
    Requirements for Unity
    President Kimball instructs us to put aside selfish desires, cooperate with one another, and offer up a broken heart and contrite spirit.
    Till We All Come in the Unity of the Faith
    The Gospel and the Church bring God's children together in unity.
    To Love Them All
    Elder Patrick Kearon speaks on inclusion and friendship in the Church
    Two Purposes: Accepting and Including People with Disabilities
    Many of us struggle to accept and include people who have disabilities. Even at church. Watch this video and learn what you can do to make a difference in the life of someone with a disability.
    Unity of the Faith
    Paul writes of one Lord, one faith, one baptism, and one Father. Christ appointed apostles, prophets, and teachers to help unify and perfect the Saints. Ephesians 4:1–15
    We Come Together & Unite As One
    As much as our differences enrich our collective experience, the Gospel of Jesus Christ transcends them all.
    We Don’t Need to Be the Same to Be One
    We are different by design. Embrace the “and.”
    Working Together in Love and Unity
    It is the love of God and neighbor that gives meaning to life. Love is making space in your life for someone else. When we work together in love and unity we can expect heaven's help.