Trees and Leaves


    Aspen Trees
    Aspen trees turn yellow in autumn.
    Aspens in Autumn
    The leaves on aspen trees turn yellow in autumn.
    Aspens in Summer
    A grove of aspen trees in the summertime.
    Bryce Canyon
    A view up to a tree inside Bryce Canyon.
    California Palms
    Palm trees in California.
    Cedar Tree
    An upward view of the trunk of a cedar tree.
    A coleus plant with green leaves.
    Cypress Tree
    A cypress tree on a cliff.
    Desert Sunset
    The sun shines through some trees in a desert.
    Dew on Leaves
    Droplets of water on leaves.
    Fall Leaves
    Fall leaves on a tree.
    A view of a forest.
    Frost on Leaves
    Fallen leaves are covered in frost.
    Guardsman Pass
    Guardsman Pass in Heber Valley, Utah.
    Large Tree in the Forest
    A view up toward a large tree.
    Maple Leaves
    Maple leaves in the spring.
    Old Tree
    The world's oldest tree, Methuselah, in the California desert.
    Orchard in the Fall
    An orchard in the fall.
    Pond in the Forest
    A pond is surrounded by evergreen trees.
    Red Branches
    Branches of a plant turning red in the autumn season.
    Red Leaf
    A red leaf that has fallen on a wooden deck.
    Road through Trees
    A roadway goes through a wooded area.
    Sacred Grove in Autumn
    Leaves in the Sacred Grove during autumn.
    A pine sapling.
    Snow on Leaves
    Snow lands on the leaves of a tree.
    A sunflower before it blooms.
    Sunshine in Trees
    The sun shines through the branches on a tree.
    Tree Canopy
    A view up toward a tree canopy.
    Tree Silhouette
    A tree without leaves is silhouetted by a sunset.
    Tree Trunk
    The bottom of a tree trunk surrounded by grass.
    Tree and Clouds
    Clouds frame an image of a tree.
    Tree in Autumn
    A large tree turns yellow and orange in the autumn.
    Tree in a Field
    A tree stands alone in a field.
    Tree in the Great Smoky Mountains
    A tree stands alone in a meadow in the Great Smoky Mountains.
    Trees in Autumn
    Trees with yellow leaves in autumn.
    Trees in the Fall
    Trees with changing leaves in the autumn.
    Water Droplets
    Water droplets on a leaf.
    Yellow Fern Leaves
    Bright yellow fern leaves around the trunk of an aspen tree.