The District

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    A Great Instrument
    Elder Tuituu, a Mormon missionary, shares his decision to serve a mission and leave his home in Guam. Two Elders hope that a trip to general conference will answer their investigator’s concerns.
    The District: Brothers and Sisters
    A few Mormon missionaries struggle to find someone to teach. The sister missionaries try to help a family decide on baptism, but when tragedy strikes at home, Sister Voyles has to decide if she should stay or go home.
    The District: Coming Home
    Two Mormon missionaries teach a family who is trying to decide if they are ready for a change. And Elder Bott shares how his decision to serve a mission is blessing his family at home.
    The District: Number One
    Two Mormon missionaries find someone to baptize in a man who has already been attending church for the past 30 years. Elder Moreno shares why he left a promising professional soccer career to serve a mission.
    The District: Perfect
    Two Mormon missionaries start teaching John who is living with an LDS family. When John starts dating a member of the family, things get more complicated.
    The District: Saved for a Reason
    When two Mormon missionaries begin teaching a man from China, they find it difficult to get past the cultural and language barriers.
    The District: Time to Shine
    Eight Mormon missionaries share their experiences teaching people, and one Elder tells about what led him to serve a mission and leave his rock band behind.
    The District: Turning Point
    Two Mormon missionaries encourage a man who is struggling with a drinking problem. And some Elders find an investigator who loves the missionaries but isn’t too sure about “all the little rules” they live by.