Temple Square

    A photo of the seagull statue outside the Assembly Hall on Temple Square.


    Aerial View of Temple Square
    An aerial view of the temple, visitors’ center, Tabernacle, and Conference Center on Temple Square.
    Assembly Hall Spire
    The white spire on top of the Assembly Hall on Temple Square.
    Beehive House Entrance
    Gates and a walkway leading to the Beehive House entrance in Salt Lake City.
    Christmas Tree
    A Christmas tree stands in the lobby of the Joseph Smith Memorial Building.
    Christmas Tree Made of Lights
    A view of a Christmas tree made entirely of Christmas lights on Temple Square.
    Church Administration Building Flower Beds
    The flower beds next to the Church Administration Building filled with spring flowers.
    Church Office Building
    A sepia-toned image of the Church Office Building showing in the reflection pool.
    Church Office Building Entrance
    The entrance of the Church Office Building in Salt Lake City.
    Conference Center
    A photo of the Conference Center in Salt Lake City.
    Fountain on Temple Square
    A tall water fountain on Temple Square.
    Inside Salt Lake Tabernacle
    A view from the back of the Salt Lake Tabernacle interior, with people sitting on benches.
    Joseph and Mary Statues
    Statues of Joseph and Mary in the Main Street Plaza in Salt Lake City.
    Lion Heads on a Building
    A side view of lion heads on the Joseph Smith Memorial Building in Salt Lake.
    Luminarias at Christmas
    A luminaria on Temple Square at Christmastime depicting the Nativity scene.
    Mormon Tabernacle Choir
    The Mormon Tabernacle Choir performs in the Tabernacle.
    Mother Holding Daughter
    A mother holding her young daughter’s hands by the water fountain at Temple Square.
    Reflecting Pond at Christmas
    A view of the lights on the reflecting pond at Christmastime.
    Salt Lake Tabernacle
    Salt Lake Tabernacle (62490); GAK 503; Primary manual 2-74; Matthew 18:20; Moroni 6:9; Doctrine and Covenants 25:11–12
    Seagull Statue
    A photo of the seagull statue outside the Assembly Hall on Temple Square.
    Snowflake Lantern
    A lantern on Temple Square decorated with patterns of snowflakes.
    Statue of Joseph Smith
    A statue of Joseph Smith found on Temple Square in Salt Lake City.
    Tabernacle Interior in July
    The interior of the Tabernacle on Temple Square decorated for the United States’ Independence Day.
    Tabernacle Pillars
    A row of brick pillars holding up the roof of the Salt Lake Tabernacle.
    Temple Square Christmas Lights
    Christmas tree lights reflected in a pool of water at Temple Square.
    Temple Square at Night in December
    A view of a portion of the lights on Temple Square at night in December.
    The Church Administration Building
    The columns on one side of the Church Administration Building.